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Mars keşif aracı Opportunity, Perseverance vadisine ulaştı

Amerikan Havacılık ve Uzay Dairesinin (NASA) Mars keşif aracı Opportunity, 2 yıl uzatılan keşif misyonunun yeni safhasında incelemeler yapacağı Perseverance Vadisi’ne ulaştı.
NASA’nın California’daki Jet İtki Laboratuvarı’ndan yapılan açıklamada, keşif aracının, gezegenin Meridiani Planum Platosu’ndaki Endeavour Krateri’nin iç yamacı içine oyulmuş vadi tabanından görüntüleri dünyaya yollamaya başladığı belirtildi.

“Keşif faaliyeti somut kanıtlar sağlayabilecek”

Bilim adamları Opportunity’nin sağlayacağı veriler sayesinde vadinin milyarlarca yıl önce kraterin içinde nasıl meydana geldiğini açıklamayı umuyor.
Vadinin akarsu veya rüzgar aşındırmasıyla ya da krater enkazının oluşturduğu yamaçların suyla ağırlaşıp çökmesiyle meydana gelmiş olabileceğine dair teorilerin olduğuna dikkati çeken bilim adamları, keşif faaliyetinin bu konuda somut kanıtlar sağlayabileceğini kaydetti.
“Mars Exploration Rover-B” (Mars Keşfi Aracı-B) ya da “MER-B” olarak da adlandırılan Opportunity, NASA’nın Mars keşif aracı programının parçası olarak 7 Temmuz 2003’te uzaya fırlatılmış, 25 Ocak 2004’te Meridiani Planum Platosu’na inmişti.
Opportunity ile aynı tarihlerde “MER-A” olarak adlandırılan “Spirit” adlı ikiz araç da gezegenin diğer ucuna indirilmişti. Ancak 2009’da gezegen yüzeyinde sıkışan Spirit’in ertesi yıl dünya ile irtibatı kopmuştu. Opportunity ise 16 Mayıs 2017 itibarıyla öngörülen operasyon süresinden 13 yıl 20 gün fazla bir süredir Kızıl Gezegen’deki keşif faaliyetini sürdürüyor.

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5 Nisan 2017 Çarşamba

It should not be so easy;

November 22, 2016
It should not be so easy;
   To confess that T.C. The government is totally poison .. Why do I say that the economy is breaking records but I do not think these records are good for Turkey for us, our economy is good for our economy, the crisis is called at the door, I wish it was wrong .. Something that would have to be shut down in such a way that our busy agenda is busy Before the rape and the rapist after the abuse is the subject of the question, what are you talking about, masters! Would this be no joke? As the Millette makes fun of it ..

   15-year-old girls are being raped, harassed, is this a freaking issue? Today, the murderers on the streets are denied family blame .. some have been opposed to the circles, the sound of the law has been withdrawn .. But I am still not comfortable in this perverse mentality quite a party b party no.

   Come to yourself, do your politics Do not reach out for the values ​​of the people who live for honor and honor in this life !!


29th November, 2016
Pes ...
In the past days we celebrated the 14th anniversary of their establishment and in the last days they mentioned that they had fought in a new liberation struggle in the 90th year of our Republic and this struggle was carried on 5 fronts (Social, Economic, Military etc) Okay, the situation we are in is quite difficult, Or am I correcting this situation did not bring you here? You have seen the real face of the leader of the known terrorist organization that you sat in the knee that you had wailed at the time you walked together for a long time in a long time. '' I have seen the real face of Lakin now. '' KPSS also copied and entered the public. "Fetö threatened the businessmen and said" If you do not do any help here, they say you did not, did not you threaten the same things with the media, did not you let the people in with sledgehammers, shoeboxes, tapes?

It is a poet or poet; A flag is waiting for the wind to fluctuate. I have found atif on those who are 15th July night. '' There are 248 martyrs, 2193 there are casualties, we are in trouble. This nation lies in front of the panzer for the home, economy and even for the continuation of your power, what you did, I have to say. When you saw that things were going well, you quit the place and brought the nation to the galley, gaza. You did not stand like a man.

'' Our Lord is dead to those who give their lives in the way are not dead but you can not see '' You made the way of politics Allah said ..


Dec 1, 2016

What is it?

Our country is struggling with the system of "Presidency" which has been busy for the agenda for the past year and the economy is contested. We have been asked to make foreign currency entry to our country from abroad for our customer abroad, and the dollar that has been initiated has not been successful and the point reached has been in the level of US $ 3,46.

Hal such as T.C. The prime minister said, "Do not worry, we will soon be a distinguished president and we will sit in his place instead!" These guys can be called and most of these words come convincingly. Even if the system is pronounced, what a negative result. But the leaders who can not see it, after 1 hour and 20 minutes of the meeting, the government and the opposition party reconciled and the parliament will be presented at the week. While there is a President who is not hesitant to support the party - already one of the compromise talkers - It is planned to introduce a Turkish-style presidential system, although the existing parliamentary system is protected. We prefer to build up somebody's ambition, I hope that we will have those days when we hope to have a nation.

Do not do it sir please do not be a little human be careful not to attract what this nation has come to these days. Perhaps you have not heard that day, but we have no right to live again and again with future generations.


Great Ideas from the municipalities!
                                                                                                      Dec 9, 2016


Pink buses, which were supposed to be applied in Şanlıurfa and now in Malatya, can solve this situation. 2 days ago in Manisa you will be able to do pink parks for the attacking woman because you are doing sports in the park, pink cafes, pink tea gardens and seas are not pink sea blue sea is not anything .. can you make every place pink while violence can come from everywhere ..

The mentality that thinks that the pink bus can not meet any situation during the road is going to be the pink house when the woman goes home. We read every day, the women who are violent by her husband .. Malatya women should oppose this practice which discriminates positively and apply where necessary. This practice is a situation in which all the males in Malatya will be declared 'perverted'. Not only the women but also the men have to oppose this practice. I do not think that a man would want to put himself into this situation.
If you ask me, we are not the pink buses we need, but the education level is raised, but it does not seem possible in our country so we have to weigh down the laws.

2 Nisan 2017 Pazar



     This book has been written for anyone who has to deal with people on a daily basis. Whether you are a teacher, a professor, a pilot or a top manager, you will be confronted, by the same questions time and again: How do I make the right decision? How can I motivate myself or my team? How can I change things? How can I work more efficiently? And on a more personal level: What do my friends reveal about me? Do I live in the here and now? What do I want?


     The fifty best decision-making models - well - known and not so well - known - that will help you tackle these questions are described in words and diagrams. Don't expect straight answers; be prepared to be tested. Expect food for thought. You will acquire the kind of knowledge with which you can impress friends and colleagues: What is a black swan? What is a long tail? What is the Pareto principle? Why do we always forget everything? How should I behave in conflict situations?


     This is a workbook. You can copy out the models, fill them in, cross them out, and develop and improve them. whether you need to prepare for a presentation or carry out an annual performance review, whether a difficult decision lies ahead of you or a prolonged dispute is now behind you, whether you want to reassess your business idea or get to know yourself better - this book will guide you.


     The models in this book fulfil the following criteria:

* They simplify: they do not emprace every aspect of reality, but only include those aspects that seem relevant.

* They are pragmatic: they focus on what is useful.

* They sum up: they are executive summaries of complex interrelations.

* They are Visual: throught images and diagrams, they convey concepts that are difficult to explain in words.

* They organise: they provide structure and create a filing system.

* They are methods: they do not provide answers they ask questions answers emerge once you have used the models, ie filled them out and worked with them.


Mars keşif aracı Opportunity, Perseverance vadisine ulaştı

Amerikan Havacılık ve Uzay Dairesinin ( NASA ) Mars keşif aracı  Opportunity , 2 yıl uzatılan keşif misyonunun yeni safhasında incelemeler ...